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Plumbing repairs & installations

Plumbing Service is the company to call for expert water/ sewer issues

Unfortunately, even the highest-quality copper piping can fail after decades of service. If you suddenly notice a drop in water pressure, a jump in your water bills, or evidence of water pooling where it shouldn’t, it is highly likely you have a leaky or broken pipe on your hands. The good news is you can call Plumbing Service to repair your water, sewer quickly with a minimum of disruption or expense.

We Solve All Kinds of Pipe Problems

Over our 15 years in the plumbing business, we’ve seen—and corrected—all kinds of pipe problems, including:

•        Broken pipes

•        Clogged pipes

•        Poorly routed pipes

•        Leaky pipe joints

•        Backflow issues    

Do You Need Emergency Pipe Repair?

A gushing leak in a water or sewer pipe can cause significant damage to your property,  You’ll be glad to know you can count on Plumbing Service to help you resolve these issues quickly and effectively in an emergency. we take pride in our prompt and professional service. Even for the routine pipe repair, you can expect our plumbers to arrive on time and complete the job in a timely fashion. Please call now to schedule your pipe repair service.

How do you know you have a plumbing problem?

1. You Have Limited or No Hot Water

Hot water is essential for washing laundry, taking a shower and general cleaning around your home or business. When you don’t have hot water or you have very limited hot water, it could mean that you have a problem with the gas or electrical connections to your hot water heater, the hot water heating elements have failed or the inside is filled with debris and corrosion. The good news is that one of our water heater plumbing professionals can diagnose the problem with your water heater and repair it or replace your water heater.

2. More than One Drain is Slow

If just one drain is slow, it most likely means there is a clog in that drain that needs to be removed. Drains that commonly clog include sinks, showers, and bathtubs, and typically, all it takes is cleaning the clogged drain out with a plumbing snake or auger. However, if you have multiple slow drains or your toilet is backing up into your bathtub, there’s a good chance you have a sewer line clog that needs immediate attention. Sewer lines can be safely cleaned out by an experienced plumber with a plumbing auger or via hydro jetting, which involves shooting a pressurized stream of water into the drain, and you’ll be pleased to know that both of these methods are environmentally friendly.

3. You See Water Spots on Walls

When you see water spots on walls and ceilings or yellow or brown staining combined with wet drywall and/or ceiling tiles, you have a water leak. Water leaks are the result of plumbing pipe corrosion or cracks and pinhole leaks in the plumbing pipes. If leaks are not corrected in a timely manner, they can lead to the development of mold and mildew that require the services of a water damage restoration team. To avoid the expense of having to hire a mold remediation specialist you should locate one of our experienced plumbers in Space Coast Florida so that your leak can be repaired before it causes catastrophic damage.

4. You Have Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure at multiple faucets can indicate that your plumbing pipes are corroded, and that corrosion is blocking the flow of water to your faucets, showers, and bathtubs, or it can mean that your home or business has numerous small leaks in the plumbing system. Our plumbers can pressure test your water system to determine if you have water leaks and/or excessive corrosion and recommend a repair plan, like replacing some or all of your plumbing pipes.

5. You See Water Spraying

If you see water spraying from under a sink, at a bathtub or shower or from a wall, you have a catastrophic plumbing emergency. In this instance, you will need to locate the closest water shutoff valve and close it in order to stop the water from spraying. If there is no shutoff valve located near the area, you will have to turn off your home’s water at the water meter. This will help prevent water damage while you locate and call one of our experienced plumbers in Florida for a quote and an emergency service call

As a full-service home company, serving Toronto GTA and surrounding communities, we will handle every aspect of your bathroom remodel, no matter the scope or difficulty. That includes all aspects of the installation, even specific modifications that are necessary for older homeowners to maintain their independence.

We strive to provide not only outstanding craftsmanship but also exceptional customer service.

Plumbing repairs & installation services:

  • Kitchen water lines, sink and drain services

  • Faucet Installation and Repair

  • Unclogging toilets and pipes

  • Bathtub & Shower Repair & Replacement

  • Vanity and toilet installation

  • Toilet Repair& Replacement

  • Shower Faucet Replacement & Repair Part

  • Sink repair & replacement

  • Bathtub/ Shower/ sink Re-caulking

  • Leaks detection & Repair

  • Drain Cleaning Service

  • Drain Repair

  • Drain Trap Treatment

  • Bathroom Pipe Repair

  • Installation and service for all faucet types

  • Fixtures replacement installation

  • Repiping Cooper/ Pex/ Drain pipes

  • Safety valves installation

  • Main water valve replacement

  • Water treatment sell & installation

  • Shower mixer & diverter spout repair and installation

  • Water & sewer pipe routing

  • Water pressure issues

  • Eco-friendly low-flow showerheads

  • Ceiling Leak Repair

  • Grease Trap Treatment

  • Sewer Cleanout

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